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What is Love?

How to Discover Your Child’s Personal Ideas about Love   Clichés become clichés for a reason. Valentine’s Day is just one example. When I was 9 years old, my mom asked me if I had a Valentine. I kept quiet because I didn’t have one. She took my silence for embarrassment, assuming I had a … Continue reading "What is Love?"

Compounding Effort and Momentum

Teaching children the power of Return on Investment There’s nothing more inspiring than finding someone with a vision so compelling that they do nothing but work towards that vision, every day. These people create momentum in the world around them. They inspire us all to get out into the world and compound our efforts into … Continue reading "Compounding Effort and Momentum"

Finding Conversation

Teaching Children the Value of Connecting with People Recently, after a full week of teaching, running a contest and then finally having some downtime, I slipped into something that was far too similar to loneliness. My thoughts finally had a chance to catch up with me and chastise me about the things that I hadn’t … Continue reading "Finding Conversation"

3 Questions to Inspire Your Child’s 2018

We’re on the cusp of a new year. Around this time, a few days before the start of a new year, many of us have time to think. We start to look at next year and think about how busy we may be. We focus on a few resolutions. But a lot of what we … Continue reading "3 Questions to Inspire Your Child’s 2018"

Teaching Children How To Create Freedom

Lately, I’ve been in a slump. I’ve been sleeping early, waking up late and eating foods that don’t really serve the “my body is a temple” principle. This morning I woke up and realised that all the health, sleep and exercise in the world means nothing without passion. That is what I’ve been sorely lacking: … Continue reading "Teaching Children How To Create Freedom"

How to Escape the Room

What “Escape the Room” Games Can Teach Us and Children About Teams I’m a simple person. I don’t ask for a lot, and when it’s my birthday, I want gifts that are functional. They make my life easier. Things like Q20 and car accessories. I also want experiences, and I want to share them with … Continue reading "How to Escape the Room"

A Lesson From Nelson Mandela for 2017

What Nelson Mandela Can Teach Us, Going Into 2017 I re-watched Invictus again today, and once again the lessons have hit home. Yes, it’s a fabrication of one great man(Nelson Mandela), played by another great man (Morgan Freeman). But there’s substance to everything Nelson Mandela says. Spending 27 years in prison didn’t break him. Like a … Continue reading "A Lesson From Nelson Mandela for 2017"

Life Lessons from Plants (Part 1)

3 Life Lessons from Plants They’re the quiet backdrop to our environment. They never complain. They never beg for more water and less sunlight. Yet, every day they churn out the oxygen we need to breathe. They’re responsible for life in more ways than one, intimately connected to everything on our food change. Each day … Continue reading "Life Lessons from Plants (Part 1)"

5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs   An entrepreneur is not someone who runs with the crowd. An entrepreneur is someone who stops when others are running, sees the direction they’re running in, and then decides if that’s the best way to go. An entrepreneur is the free-thinking, evolving spirit of change. If you choose to, … Continue reading "5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs"

How to Be More Grateful

    South Africa is experiencing one of the most challenging droughts in the last 20 years. Municipalities have imposed water restrictions on citizens to overcome the 15% deficit the country is facing. The reservoirs and dams are drying up. Rationing is taking place as we speak. You’d better shower by 8:55pm because tonight there … Continue reading "How to Be More Grateful"

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