Mentoring today's children,
to HELP THEM find
their brilliance,
so that they can
take on
the unknown challenges
of their

What is Brilliance?

That thing that’s sitting inside us, waiting to be discovered. 

The Japanese knew about it, centuries ago.

They called it the ‘ikigai’.

It was the inner brilliance that we are all born with. The inner brilliance that doesn’t come with a manual.

It’s something we can all be taught to find.

Ikigai as a way of understanding Brilliance

But there's a difference between teaching someone to find their brilliance and telling them...

+ 1
Number of children discovering their brilliance today
+ 1
Number of children being told instead of taught today around the world

So how do we change this?

"You cannot change an existing reality by fighting it. You need to create an alternate to compare it to. That way people can make up their own mind about which one they prefer."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

Like Bucky Fuller said, we don’t change the way things are by fighting them. We change things by giving people a choice.

  • Children want a choice about how they learn.
  • Parents want a choice about how their children learn.

More and more options are becoming available in education. This once closed, state-driven monopoly is returning to what it was when the Greek philosophers championed it –  a way of digging deeper to find answers, change misconceptions and improve the quality of life the world over.

Education and learning is the space where creativity dances.

It’s our goal to keep children dancing with their personal creative passion throughout their lives, by reaching them and their parents through articles and transformational facilitation programs.

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