• 5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs


An entrepreneur is not someone who runs with the crowd. An entrepreneur is someone who stops when others are running, sees the direction they’re running in, and then decides if that’s the best way to go. An entrepreneur is the free-thinking, evolving spirit of change. If you choose to, the entrepreneurial path is waiting for you. All you have to do is pick up your feet and start walking along the pathway. Here are a few tips to help guide you along your journey.

  1. Live like a Child

Children wake up every day with fresh eyes. They see the wonder of the world because they don’t think they know it all. Wake up each day as if you’ve never known a thing in your life. Look at the world around you as if you’re brand new to it. You will begin to see certain things that don’t make sense (e.g. why toilets flush 6-13 litres of water at a time, when there’s a water shortage in the country) and then you can start looking for different solutions.

  1. Be Curious

Always ask yourself questions about what you’re seeing in the world around you. We all have different things that we’re curious about. Follow your curiosities until they provide answers for you. These answers will produce better questions and soon you’ll be asking better questions than most adults ask in today’s world.

  1. Search for Problems

People want to keep their lifestyles, but they don’t their problems. Help them solve this and you’re in business. Every problem is an opportunity.

  1. Don’t Believe Anything People Say

Beliefs are things handed down to people, from their parents, teachers, friends and the world of their experiences. Often, these are bogus. They make no sense. Imagine a ceiling on a room, a very low ceiling that keep people bent over and walking crouched. These people will convince you, with all of their hearts, that there’s no other way of living. Don’t try and change the way they think. Build a room with a higher ceiling and let them decide for themselves which is better, to walk crouched or to stand tall.

  1. Create a Situation Where Everyone Wins

Most people are only thinking about themselves and what they can get out of a good deal. A great entrepreneur knows that to create a solution that lasts, everyone involved in the business transaction must win – including YOU.

There’s no limit to the things you can achieve as an entrepreneur. Just take a look at Elon Musk. Every day he challenges the stiff beliefs the world has clung to. And every day he makes tomorrow a little brighter.

So the questions is, “What is your best vision of the world?”

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