to play is to experience

to Play is to exercise choice

Where does a child's journey begin?

Child's Hands - About us

As I write this, it’s a sweltering day in summer. There is a heatwave that is slowly cooking our town into a stupor. But there’s one collective sound that permeates the air. The heat can’t get close to it. It’s the babble of excited children, spending another afternoon playing. 

For me, that’s where the journey to brilliance begins, through play.

The Art of Play.

Give children an inch of space and a stitch of time and they’ll play. They’ll find something to turn into a game. In fact, push them into a space where they have no resources to play with, and they will find resources. They will become resourceful.

My father grew up poor in Portugal. With an absent father, his mother barely had money to buy her children shoes, so toys were out of the question. Did this stop him and my uncle from having fun? No. This was a poor neighbourhood, where children had very little. So they made up games and created tools for those games.

With the right attitude and acceptance of one’s imagination, a lack of resources suddenly becomes a challenge to be more resourceful. Cabbage stalks become baseball bats. Discarded newspapers become baseballs.

Recounting this story reminds me that there are no limits to the children of this world.

That is where their journey begins. That is where their cups are empty. We start to fill them with ideas, to help them along in understanding the customs we have created. But those ideas turn dangerous when they become fixed. And somewhere along the way we forget to mention that we may not be right 90% of the time.

As a result, we’re telling generations what to believe, instead of teaching them how to determine if something has personal meaning. It’s time to stop this folly. 

Let’s give back our children the power of responsibility, resourcefulness, patience and imagination.


Some more of our beliefs:

Children Have a Voice

We believe that everyone has a voice, and within that voice a brilliant note that they must sing.

Children Have a Voice

The world needs this note in order to progress. Each voice plays a part in the progression of mankind's mission.

Learning is a personal journey

We believe that knowledge is something that comes from the inside, and must be pulled out.

Learning is personal

An idea championed by the Greek philosophers, and still pioneered by some of the most impactful teachers of today.

Perspective is the key to change

The way that each child sees the worlds is novel and unique.

Perspective is the key

Preserving this fresh perspective is the key to iterating our world and preserving life.

"We can be victims of the past, or creators of a different future. Either way, the choice is ours."

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