• Awakening the Kidpreneur in Your Child

Ignite the Kidpreneur

“Entrepreneur” is a buzz word right now. But entrepreneurship is nothing new. In fact, it’s a very organic, natural way that human beings have earned a living for themselves. Look back at the history of cilivilsation and you will find a long line of people who saw that their friends had problems that they could fix. These were the first entrepreneurs…or if they were kids, we could call him or her a kidpreneur.

Regardless of age, the need to help people and see the opportunity in chaos and confusion is something that comes naturally to certain people. If you’re one of these people, you probably have an entrepreneurial mindset. The question then becomes, “how do we help others to think in this way?”

Questions Ignite the Learning

Ignite the Kidpreneur

Everything starts and ends with someone. You are the controller of your destiny. But how do you get this message across to your children? How do you teach them that there’s more opportunities in the world than they’ve ever believed possible?

Education is the art of extracting understanding. The Greek philosophers saw it as similar to giving birth. The person doing the pushing was the person who gave birth to the ideas, and the understanding.

The problem we face though, is that for children, it’s easier to let the adult do the thinking. Adults know more than children and are seen as a greater authority. But there’s more to this. The person who does the work needs to exert the effort, and effort is hard. So many children will avoid the heavy thinking and the hard work that goes into understanding something.

So, how’s about we change this? All it takes is asking these five simple questions…and then waiting for answers.

The Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Ignite the Kidpreneur

Whatever home you have created for your children will be the space where they form their habits. It’s up to you to figure out if these habits are going to help them become the independent people that you want them to be. As Dr Demartini says, the greatest growth lies on the border of support and challenge.

To help you find these answers, here are five questions to ask yourself each day:

  1. Is their behaviour right now leading them down a path of independence later on?
  2. What am I doing that is helping or stopping them from building up their independence?
  3. In this moment, am I supporting them, or am I challenging them?
  4. In this moment, what do they need more of, support or challenge?
  5. Am I giving my children answers or questions?

The last question is vital. The person who asks the questions holds the power. And they hold the power because they are doing the work. If you continue to give your children answers, they’re going to believe that someone outside of themselves will always hold the power. That is the way most employees grow up thinking. Someone else will give them a job…instead of, “someday I will start a business that will employ people.”

The Five Questions to Ask Your Children

Ignite the Kidpreneur

  1. What do other people want?
  2. What problems to people have?
  3. Can you solve these problems for them?
  4. How much would they be willing to pay you for solving these problems for them?
  5. If someone else’s problem is your opportunity, what opportunities have you seen today?

There are always better questions to ask your children. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them and learn from them.

In the next article we’ll deal with what happens when your children start actively going out and finding people with problems. This is make or break time, because if they have a negative experience, they may stop trying altogether. Your job is to keep them on the path, by keeping the communication open and non-judgemental.

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