• Buckminster Fuller Week Day 5: Don’t Fight Forces, Use Them

Buckminster Fuller

9 times out of 10, fighting is a waste of your energy.

Buckminster Fuller understood this. He didn’t fight resistance. He looked for answers to that resistance.

Everything around us is travelling in a direction. In a frustratingly stubborn direction. When we become adaptable and learn how to see the direction something is travelling in, we can use it to our advantage.

Buckminster Fuller Fight Forces

Something’s Got to Give

Buckminster Fuller Fight Forces

Most of us learn how to fight early on in our lives. When we fight well, we learn what it means to be in a position of power. When we don’t fight well, we learn what it means to be in a position of submission. That’s when we lose a fight.

This Conquer or Be Conquered approach is an outdated idea, but it’s an idea that we still cling to. Most industries are founded on this thinking. But what does it yield us, at the end of the day? Bruises, scars, broken bones, broken relationships and ideas about people being essentially bad.

In a fight, something’s got to give up. One of the two opposing forces have to relent. And when they do, all that energy that they put into the fight is lost. It’s wasted. What if there was another way of turning that energy into something.

The Train

Buckminster Fuller Fight Forces

Think about it this way. Would you stand in front of a train that’s hurtling towards you? Or would you buy a ticket and sleep while this train takes you wherever you need to go?

The choice is always yours, when you become aware of the direction things are travelling in. That’s how you turn opposition into collaboration.


Us and Them…or Altogether

Buckminster Fuller Fight Forces

The biggest and scariest challenge that mankind faces at this moment, is collaboration. People don’t seem to understand that we’re all living on earth, together. If the planet goes, we go. Until space travel and living on other planets is viable, that’s the way it is.

So instead of us and them, why not look at humanity as being part of the same team?
Why not look at the people around us as collaborators in our success?

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Be yourself,
Be Brilliant!


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