• Buckminster Fuller Week Day 7: Integrity Becomes Delicate and Beautiful

Buckminster Fuller

I once learned from Robert Kiyosaki that intelligence is the ability to make finer and finer distinctions. Buckminster Fuller was one of his most influential teachers, the reason in fact, why he started the RichDad company…to improve the financial intelligence for all humanity. But how does that apply to integrity?

Think about this definition of intelligence for a moment. Finer and finer distinctions. More and more delicate. Beauty. What I think Buckminster Fuller is saying here is that our integrity is a like a muscle. It builds with time. And with that muscle we can do some incredible things. We can lift weights, we can break walls, or we can paint tiny model cars, with delicate strokes of varnish. It’s about being able to make distinctions about how much force or focus or delicacy or strength is needed in a single moment.

Buckminster Fuller Integrity Beautiful

Trusting our Integrity

The more we learn to trust ourselves enough to exercise our version of integrity, the stronger it becomes. And the stronger it becomes, the more delicate and beautiful it’s capacity, in our hands.


When we’re able to build up this level of integrity within ourselves, we’re able to apply it to a world that in desperate need of compassion, understanding, innovation and change.

Buckminster Fuller’s Legacy

Buckminster Fuller Integrity Beautiful

If you read any of Bucky’s work, you’ll hear one common idea, whispering through it. He was a simple man and maintained that simplicity in his ideas (maybe not in his words!) and kept it consistent this way.


His dream was to see a world where every individual was playing their part. He saw a future where we’d all be playing a World Game. Where each of us would be conscious of our gifts and our responsibilities to Spaceship Earth. This was the only way that he saw humanity passing the Final Exam. The final test that allows us to evolve and avoid extinction.


The Wrap Up

wrap up

That brings our Buckminster Fuller Week to a close. I hope he has inspired you, the way that he inspired me and the hundreds of thousands of influential people around the world today that are still carrying out his legacy.

Until next time…
Be yourself,
Be Brilliant!


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