• Debriefing the Kidpreneur: Part 1

Debrief Kidpreneur

As fun as life is, you cannot go through it without taking a few knocks. Sometimes, those knocks happen every day. Sometimes, they happen once in a while. Mostly though, they happen so often that we learn very quickly that there are something that we should avoid altogether. The budding kidpreneur is no different. Your job as a parent, is to keep them in the game. And the way you do that is with a debrief.

My cousin and I started our first business in Grade 1 or Grade 2. We noticed a gap in the school market for well-coloured in pictures. It was a short lived business though. I remember only making one day of sales. And it was a good day for sales. For some reason, kids wanted our product.

The problem was that we didn’t know why they wanted our products. In fact, we didn’t see the point to what we were doing, other than the fact that we were making money out of nothing. It was exciting…but the lack of understanding what we were actually doing caused us to lose drive once we ran into some resistance. If we’d had an adult in our lives, a mentor, that could debrief our experience, we would’ve stayed in the entrepreneurship game and become a lot better at serving our peers and turning opportunities into income.

Learning Keeps Kids in the Game

Debrief Kidpreneur

We learn through the mistakes that we make. Mistakes are the only way that we can progress. And when we make the mistakes ourselves, we learn so much faster. But mistakes can be damaging if we don’t learn the right lessons from them.

The best way that you can help your children is by allowing them to make small mistakes and then debrief their learnings with them afterwards.

In the next article I’ll show you a debriefing tool used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and trainers today. It’s a way of accessing individual learning without getting in the way with your own ideas.

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