The fun, interactive and experiential program that teaches children and teens the foundation to entrepreneurship by finding answers to the following questions:

1. What is Money?

We all have an association we have with money, but underneath all the ideas we have about it is the truth of why it evolved into the currency and form of exchange that it is. Through this question we’ll discover:
  • Your personal associations with money.
  • Your ideas about money.
  • How many has evolved.
  • Why it continues to hold such an important place in our cultures.

2. Where Does Money Come From?

Trillions worth of currency flow around the world every day. Where money starts its journey and where it ends up along its journey are the flow that we seek to understand. Through this question we uncover:
  • How different mindsets handle money.
  • Why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.
  • How to change the flow of money towards us.
  • How to give every cent we make a dynamic purpose.

3. Why Do We Need Money?

This is the question that really burns at the heart of our program. Do we really need money? Not only do we unpack this question, this is the place where the ideas that drive entrepreneurship come from. This is where the self-discovery begins and we discover:
  • The concept of exchange.
  • How to leverage our resources.
  • Sustainability and value.

4. How Do We Make Money?

Here we use Blair Singer’s Sales Cycle, to teach children and teens that being able to sell is the first step to making money. By the end of the day, they’ll be able to:
  • Find a problem and an even better solution to it.
  • Create an irresistible offer.
  • Communicate with their peers.
  • Use their creativity to collaborate with their peers and sell their ideas.

What will your child get from this program?

By the end of this program, they’ll be able to:

  • take personal responsibility for their earning potential

  • see opportunities where others see problems

  • see and understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer

Why do I teach this program?

I have 3 reasons for teaching this program:

1. To create a world free of fear, entitlement and greed, filled with children who understand:

  • the value behind fair exchange

  • the joy of serving each people

  • how to leverage their unique strengths

  • how to create and shape a compelling future

2. Traditional schooling is often so busy with administration, academics, sport and a jam-packed program to give the topic of entrepreneurship the detail it requires to develop children into young entrepreneurs, causing massive delays in their entrepreneurial development. 

3. Learning should be interactive, collaborative and fun, filled with discussions that inspire “AHA!” moments. Our experiential learning approach and accelerated learning techniques create the space for this to happen.

If you agree with these reasons, find out about our next program and become a part of a brighter future.

what's the right age?

Currently, the program is geared towards children and teens aged between 12-18 years old.  

Recent Testimonials

The potential for success is a curious thing. We are all born with it, yet, how to develop it remains a mystery to most. I wasn't sure how I would help my child understand ambition, potential, opportunity and the way of the world without making him wish he was in a galaxy far, far, away.
What seemed a mammoth task for me, posed no difficulty to the E101 Programme in the slightest. My son cam home and was a buzz with simple plans to turn simple ideas into grand achievements. In the space of just a few hours, E101 demonstrated how easy it is to create your own model for success that supports and encourages: integrity, ambition, understanding procedures, how to recognise and create opportunities and most importantly: your boldness to dare to achieve. My son's mind is no longer just "potential's playground", it is also a mind with highly structured "mogul mentality".
Bashni Glen-Young

Program Details

Entrepreneurship 101

Full Day Program
R 350 per person
  • Includes a Workbook
  • The follow up session one month after the program
Limited Space!

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