• Buckminster Fuller Week Day 6: Integrity is the Final Test

Buckminster Fuller

I’m paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller here.
What he said was that each individual, each human being is facing a final exam. Every day.
And that exam is all about integrity.

Integrity = Final Test

What is Integrity?

Integrity = Final Test

What did he mean by our integrity? He meant, our ability to see the truth and to love it.

He went on to say that the closest we can get to God (or the Universe or whichever Higher Power you choose to believe in) was to love the truth.
Now truth is something that’s relative to what we know today. It may change, but when we embrace the truth, we live with congruency. We live our lives beyond our fears.

Basically, living with integrity is living with our eyes completely open to what is. It’s a constant state of being more and more each day.

It’s not easy, but it’s a worthwhile goal to attempt each day. Each day is a fresh test.

How to Build Integrity

Integrity = Final Test

Integrity isn’t something that is fixed. A lot of it is a subjective experience. Mostly, being integrous is about being true to what we understand about ourselves and the world around us. We build this up by being honest about what we’re experiencing.

Not justifying our experience.
Not seeking to complain about our experience.
Not looking to blame others for our experience.
Not denying that the experience even happened.
And most importantly, not quitting because of the experience we’ve had.

We build integrity through taking responsibility for our experiences. That means, looking at our responses and choosing them with authenticity.



For example, let’s say I’m desperate to make a new friend. I meet a group of people that welcome me. But they’re crazy about sports…and I’m not. Instead of telling them this, I play along, according to what I think they’d want me to be.

“This is what it takes to make friends.” I justify my experience. But after a while I start becoming irritable and I just don’t know why. I would know why, if I was ready to be honest with myself. The truth is that I don’t like sports. If this is worth losing friends over, then good. I’ll one day find friends that also don’t like sports.

Integrity is the final test.

Until next time…
Be yourself,
Be Brilliant!


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