• The Gifts Buckminster Fuller Left Behind

A photo of Bucky Fuller

Bucky Fuller has a very interesting relationship with people – they hate him or love him. They think he was a nut, or a revolutionary.

Whichever way you want to see him, remember him for the lessons he left behind. They are eternal, everlasting gifts.

  1. He wasn’t afraid to make mistakes

This site is all about the glory of mistakes. Making them, becoming aware of them…and learning from them. There is so much trapped emotional pressure that comes from just the though of making mistakes, that we learn very early in our development that it’s safer to stay away from mistakes altogether.
This is the worst thing we can possibly do. Not only do we hinder our own growth, we also stop the progress of the world around us. How selfish is that?

  1. He understood that mankind progressed when people did more with less

Fuller had a way of studying the past to understand the future. It was through this process that he first identified that people have solved problems to improve everyone’s lives. He called this ephemerilization. Epheme-what? Don’t worry, it’s a scary word for something that is quite simple…
People were frustrated by a problem. They fixed the problem. They were happy.

This video by dmass.net, on Ken Bocksch‘s YouTube channel really captures the idea of ephemeralization that Bucky Fuller explained.

  1. He wasn’t perfect

It would be easy to tell you that Buckminster Fuller was a saint, but he wasn’t. Never did he purport to be a saint, either. He had a mission – to further the development of mankind before they ruined the earth they lived on. This mission was more important than what people thought about him.

  1. He inspired a generation to pursue their passion in the aid of humanity

In the 1980s, when Fuller was well into the final stretches of his life, he gave seminars that had a single purpose…to inspire people to help mankind. However, he didn’t just encourage people to help others. Buckminster Fuller understood that each of us has a gift. When used correctly, that gift can benefit the world in ways that no one can even imagine.

I’m excited to go on this journey with you.
Please stay tuned for more insight and clarity.

And if you have any questions that you feel need answering, share them. If they’re time-worthy, we’ll explore them.


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