• Life Lessons from Plants (Part 1)

3 Life Lessons from Plants

They’re the quiet backdrop to our environment. They never complain. They never beg for more water and less sunlight. Yet, every day they churn out the oxygen we need to breathe. They’re responsible for life in more ways than one, intimately connected to everything on our food change. With their long record of existence, their are lessons that we can learn from them.

Each day a plant runs the course of its life. Their quiet determination and tenacious style of creating life could teach us a few things. In fact, here are three lessons from plants that would revolutionise our life if we applied them.

1. Patience Can Be Learned

Radiocarbon dating has proven that certain seeds can lie dormant for 2000 years. Even the weakest seed can last up to 50 years without germinating. Regardless of the time span, when the moment is right, when there’s enough water, sunlight and nutrients available, the see will wake up.

Human beings become more and more impatient with every year that passes. Life becomes faster and faster and our expectations of how long we should wait for something grow sharper and sharper. When our new game doesn’t arrive on our doorstep in 3 days we become frustrated. When we stand in line for groceries and wait 5 minutes we start to huff.

These are things that we can’t do anything about. The conditions aren’t right. So, like the seed, we need to be patient. It’s not that we need to wait 50 years in a line, but the lesson here is that sometimes the right conditions take time to emerge. Patience can go a long way in these moments.

2. Our Environment Doesn’t Define Us

A seed doesn’t choose where it will land. Yet, it takes the opportunity, and with the right conditions, it blooms. It flourishes and eventually begins to disperse its own seeds. How far the average seed travels is difficult to measure, but it’s not unheard of for seeds to travel continents. That single plant can now thrive in numerous environments.

Sometimes we complain about the families we were raised in. Why couldn’t we be born to wealthy parents? Why couldn’t we have been born in America. The truth is that it doesn’t matter where you’re born. It doesn’t even matter the family that you’re born to. What matters is your ability to make a decision. To choose to go far beyond where you are now.

3. We Are Responsible For Our Growth

I’ve never once heard my rosemary bush complain that it’s too hot, or the bees are late. I’ve never caught my grass moaning when I walk over it. Plants understand the truth about life: growth is a personal responsibility. So they scour the environment for what they need. They draw water, sunlight, insects and nutrients. Feed off them. And grow.

Human beings are filled with excuses, reasons and justifications. But these take us nowhere. If we want to grow, we need to throw away the excuses, accept responsibility and do what needs to be done.

As you can see, plants carry life lessons that every one of us can learn from. All we need to do is watch, listen and apply what they silently teach us, each day.

More lessons to follow in time.

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