• Celebrating Mother’s Day


The Choice that Changes the World


In 2013, a UNICEF study estimated that there were 4 children born each second.

Think about that for a moment. Let that sink in.

4 children born every second. That means, that roughly every second at least one woman somewhere in the world, has a choice. A unique choice that only she can make. This woman can choose to be a mother, or she can choose to be a woman.

And yes, there’s a difference because not every woman can be a mother.

Being a Mother


Not everyone chooses to be a mother. It’s not for everyone. The women who go on to become mothers are a special breed. They decide long before their children are even born that they’re willing to make an infinite number of sacrifices so that someone else can be loved.

They make a decision to pour their hearts into someone else. They choose to put their needs aside so that their children can know what it means to live.

A Mother’s Choice Shapes the Future


This choice to become a mother, changes the face of the world. It adds free-thinking, independent variables to our communities. Each one of these variables is a person that will become involved in the world,  whether they like it or not.

Without even realising it, these people, that were the children of a choice, will play a part in creating a new history for our planet. However, the most significant fact about all of these choices is that each mother gifts her children the power of their own, personal choice. One day, these children will be come to a crossroads. Here they will make the choice that their ancestors have made. They can choose to be  women and men or they can choose to be mothers and fathers.

The Celebration of a Mother


Today we honour every sacrifice that every mother has made. Not out of obligation or fear, but out of the deepest, richest form of love that we know.

A mother’s love is like a signature, unique and valuable. Something that can’t be forged.

When the Child is Ready, The Mother Appears


I’ve been fortunate enough to have more than one mother in my life. I have my biological mother…and then I have the mother’s that I have met along my life’s journey. These are people that I have worked with that have carried that nurturing nature. These ladies have wanted nothing more than to help me grow in some capacity.

I believe that we’re all children in some areas of our lives. No matter how old we are. This is when we need a mother’s guidance and love to help us grow.

A Mother’s Journey May End…But Her Love Goes on Forever


And eventually, every mother will leave us. It’s part of life’s journey. Just as one life begins, another is ending. This is the way of the world. But, that doesn’t mean that a mother’s love dies with her. Love is eternal. It lives in the memory of everyone who has felt it. It’s the reason why Mexicans celebrate Dia de los Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Our feelings of love sit far outside of time and linger in the soul of each person that has experienced it.


Mothers, today I hope that you are celebrated.

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