What is a Program?

This is where the duality of education and skills learning meet. What they create is a sort of confidence in personal creativity that drives innovation and change.

What's the fuss about?

Educational Institutions have been divided over these two elements.
Schools have specialised in education, while training institutions swear by the latter.
Why not think of it this way, though: In order to walk, you have a right leg and a left leg. Do they fight each other? No. Is one more important than the other? No.
Education and Skills Development are vital components to the same end.

Can the two be combined?


The power of a program is that it combines both elements into something tangible. 

It gives everyone an experience to leave with. That experience is open to personal interpretation. It leaves an impression on the student long after the day has passed. It leaves a question in the air.
A question that lingers.
A question that will eventually find an answer.

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