What is a ?

Resources don’t disappear. They just change their original forms. Life is filled with a series of problems. We need to solve these problems so that we can live. Resources help us solve the problems we face.

We must learn how to see the opportunity in a problem, so that we can use our resources. By doing this, we make our own lives better, help those around us, and drastically evolve our world.


What is ?

Now that you know what resources are, it’ll be easier to understand resourcefulness. This is the measure of a person’s ability to find resources. Resources are everywhere.

We cannot walk without bumping into them. But for most of us, we stumble around, blindly avoiding them and what they can offer us.

1. It's a Muscle that WILL Develop

Exercise builds muscle. Better questions build personal resourcefulness. If you’re wondering whether or not your line of questioning is working, take a look at what you’re feeling.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, bored, sad, depressed, then change the questions that you’re asking yourself. Ask yourself better questions and you’ll begin to receive better answers. 




2. It's about your Mindset

Two people can look at a mountain and see very different things: problems or opportunities. The resourceful people of the world are the dreamers that look beyond the current circumstances and see things as they could be.

3. It's a Decision you Make

Something special happens when you draw a line in the sand, when you decide not to back out of something. That is the place where resourcefulness starts. When you decide that you will not accept failure as an option, you’re left with an endless supply of opportunities to learn what doesn’t work…and eventually, what does.

A scene from the film Apollo 13 captures the moment where the decision to be resourceful was made.

If you haven’t watched it, I’ll paint you a quick picture. The astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission are in trouble. They’re floating in the earth’s orbit with a damaged ship. What they don’t know is that they have a Carbon dioxide leak on their shuttle and they’re about to run out of oxygen. The engineers back on earth see this problem and recognise its urgency. They get all the brightest minds together in one room and give them one directive: “We need to plug up a leaking whole on the Apollo 13. We need to do it by teaching them how the astronauts how to do it. These are the items they have up there on the shuttle. Make it work. We don’t have much time before they run out of oxygen.”

An almost impossible task is set before this team of engineers. They lose sleep. They lose hair. At some point they even lose hope. But in the end, magic happens and they find a solution. How did they manage? Human beings put their focus on resources instead of focusing on their resourcefulness. 

There are different categories of resourcefulness. It is an ability, but it also points to something that you or someone else inherently has. By knowing which sort of resource you’re looking to create, you have a much better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

In each of these categories, your resource will grow your functioning. Explore each of the faculties for resources that you would like to discover.




Think of this as the way that you use your body. Every day there is a new opportunity to learn about they way you use it. Are you using it well? Could the way you use your physical body in space improve?

If you’re waking up with aches and pains, or going to bed with them, this may be an area that you will need to explore.

Think of this as the art of thinking. Where do you fit in your time to grow what you know?

If you found school exhausting, don’t worry. Studying is only tiring and boring when you’re not studying something you love. If you haven’t found the value in learning yet, you haven’t found a topic you’re passionate about.

Are you riding a rollercoaster of emotion every day of your life? Emotions have an energy that grips us and strings us along on a journey that many of us would prefer not to go on.

Understanding these emotions and what triggers them is essential to uncovering the greater truth of your perspective on the world.

This is a topic of hot contention. As soon as the word “spirit” is mentioned in anything, it’s often mistaken for organised religion.

What I mean by spirit, is the connection you have to the people, things, ideas and feelings in your life. It’s your connection to the world around you.

Some people find connection in a church. Others may find it underneath a collossal tree, that has lived many lives of men. Where you found it doesn’t define who you are. The search is an endless spiral, but we need to pursue it for the vitality it gives us. Without the recharge connection gives us, we’re going to constantly be tired, apathetic and motionless.

This category affects every other one.

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