• Buckminster Fuller Week Day 1: Tension is the Great Integrity

Buckminster Fuller Tension

This week, we’re going to give appreciation to a great man. Look, I have no doubt that he had his faults. I’m sure he upset a lot of people and stepped on a lot of toes. He understood what it meant to live with tension. But he lived his life with passion and purpose and that inspires me.

I recently started reading some quotes that Bucky explored and I was once again excited by the ideas that permeated his mind. I’m going to share the ones that have really stood out to me. The ones that make sense.

Over the next week I’ll release one idea that has stood out to me, each day. I’ll explore the idea and see how it applies to our current state of the world. So, let’s get started!

Day 1: Tension is the Great Integrity

Buckminster Fuller

Tension? Tension?! On holiday last week, I took the time to read some Bucky Fuller and was once again inspired by his ideas. So, this week will be Bucky Fuller Week.

What does he mean by tension? To me, it means the pressure, both inside and outside a system that keeps it in shape.
Most people think of tension as something negative, but tension is the way that anything keeps its shape.
As human’s our tensions hold us together. They give us shape and allows us to be. Too much tension and we lose ourselves. Too little tension…and we once again lose ourselves. Tension, stress, pressure, whatever you want to call it, defines us.

The question is really, who are we? How do we define ourselves? That’s where integrity comes in.
I firmly believe that if we’re honest with ourselves, we discover our true tension, our true integrity.

When we allow ourselves to discover who we are, what we’re most passionate about, and what our purpose is, we discover the integrity behind our tension…our tensegrity.

Until next time…
Be yourself,
Be Brilliant!


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