• The Gift of Growing Older

Growing Older

I love getting older. It’s like some sort of supernatural gift. Every day that passes, I look at the decisions that I make with more clarity and understanding and appreciation.

That’s not to say that I make great decision. No, I still make a lot of mistakes. But nowadays, when I make mistakes, I learn from them a lot faster than I used to. I’m gradually learning to take my emotions out of my decisions and exercise a lot more logic and intuition in the process.

Growing older has had this effect on me.

Getting There

Growing Older

But you don’t just get to a point where suddenly you’re making better decisions. No. It’s never a place that you ever actually get to. You can’t. All you can do is stay present with yourself in the moment where you’re making your decisions. That’s where the magic happens.

You see, in that moment, if you’re present, something incredible happens. You realise that you’ve been there before. At first, you’re just suspicious of it. But the more it happens, the more you realise that you’ve been there before. It’s like visiting a house that you used to live in. You recognise the furniture, the smells, the textures, the sounds of the neighbour’s child hitting a ball against a wall.

Being present while you’re making your decisions allows you to review the choices that you’ve made in the past. It allows you to make new choices…and get different results.


Awareness Allows Us to Find Ourselves

Growing Older

With awareness, we overcome one of the greatest obstacles to human living: emotion. Don’t get me wrong. Emotion is great. But it often becomes dangerous when it overpowers our logic. When an idea runs away with us, we lose the one great gift that being human affords us: choice.

Without choice we live in the land of reaction.
Without choice, we become the history that is about to be repeated.

Awareness allows us to grow into the people that we’re mean to be. The people that we want to be. The people that the world wants us to be.

Until next time…

Be yourself,
Be Brilliant!


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