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Soccer World Cup

2 Reasons Why the Soccer World Cup Happens

The Russia FIFA World Cup is almost over. By Sunday we will have a winner. That means 31 teams, along with their fans, countries, coaches and other staff will go home in tears. They’ll head back to wherever they call home feeling dejected.

The odds to win the world cup are never great, so why is it that teams compete in rigorous qualifiers in order to make it to this stage where only one of them can ever win? I mean, that’s insane, isn’t it? How can we expected to play a game that we have very little chance of winning?

Reason 1: To See How Good We Really Are

Soccer World Cup


Every person is inherently curious. Calm your fears and doubts for a second and you’ll notice a question or two arising within your mind. Soccer is no different. As much as we play, we want to know how good we are, compared to the rest of the world out there.

We need a way of measuring this level, so we compete. We play against the best in the world to see just how we measure up. In 90 minutes, and maybe an extra 30, we get to see just how we compare to other countries and teams that are playing in the world.

Reason 2: We Love to Dream

Soccer World Cup

Most people who watch and support and play…are dreamers. We believe that something incredible can happen. No matter the disappointment that has punctured our dreams in the past, we believe that this time, the odds will be in our favour.

And at the core of the human experience is this kindling flame of hope. The hope that tomorrow will be better. The belief that there is so much more waiting for us just over the horizon. Take away this hope, this optimism and you take away the joy of tomorrow.


We watch the World Cup for so many reasons. It creates unforgettable moments where we can connect with our communities and our families. Yes, the result matters, but what matters more is that every 4 years we get just as excited about the new tournament as we were about the old one. Our feelings, our emotions live in this present moment, and the Soccer World Cup, just like the Olympic games and every other competition, give us a chance to revel in these feelings.

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